Dave Elliott - Senior Web Front-End/UI Developer

Cell: 408-375-2206
Email: webacad@gmail.com
  • To lead in the creation of extraordinary, innovative Web applications by applying my extensive background and skill set.
  • To identify the goals of the user and of the organization and deliver on-time and in-budget systems that meet the needs of both parties.
  • To disruptively expand the interaction capabilities of the Web browser for the benefit and enjoyment of the user.
  • To apply experience in technical management, having personally trained over two thousand corporate and independent Web developers.
Technical: Modern JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, jQuery, jQueryUI, DOM Manipulation, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, JSON, Neo4j, Perl, MySQL
Management: SCRUM, Performance Evaluation, Employee Development, Salary Administration, Conflict Resolution
6/2015 - present
Sensity Systems, Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA
Senior UI/UX Developer (Team Lead)
Architect and implement a ReactJS-based single page application for control of smart city lighting systems. Developed UI component structure. Created prototype API layer using Swagger and NodeJS interfacing with Neo4j as the database. Worked closely with Product Marketing, Program Management and Quality Assurance to meet and exceed user expectations.
2/2012 - 5/2015
eBay, Inc.
San Jose, CA
Member of Technical Staff
Front-end development (JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML) for various entry-point pages (home page, Daily Deals page, etc.) on eBay.com. Helped to apply current and evolving user interface technologies to one of the Web's most highly trafficked sites. Developed the markup, CSS and JavaScript code for a complete redesign of eBay's Daily Deals page. Met a number of technical challenges including keeping the left navigation menu in sync with the items being displayed as the user scrolls the page. Supports multiple countdown timers, image resizing, lazy loading, and table-free layout. Continual maintenance of CSS, JavaScript and JSP components.
11/2011 - present
Los Gatos, CA
A part-time project for several years, Shopatico is a "virtual closet" site where users can create and share outfits ("looks") made with items they've purchased online or items they've seen on other sites. It also allows users to forward their emailed order confirmations from online retailers to Shopatico and the ordered items are automatically added to their closet. A bookmarklet allows users to select items from other sites. Designed and implemented every aspect of this site (layout, graphics, database, image processing, session management, email parsing, drag and drop outfit editor, social site integration.)
4/2011 - 2/2012
F5 Networks
San Jose, CA
Senior Software Engineer
Developing innovative user interfaces for configuration of network management devices. Creating proofs of concept, prototypes and production code using jQuery UI library and widget factory. F5's load balancers are configurable using event handlers written in TCL. To address the fact than many network ops are not TCL programmers, I prototyped a visual programming interface that used drag and drop to define event handlers and then traversed the resulting DOM structure to generate the equivalent TCL script.
7/2009 - 3/2011
Santa Clara, CA
User Interface Developer
Created sophisticated and highly dynamic user interfaces for Web applications using DHTML, Ajax and jQuery. During a call, the LiveOps Call Manager executes a finite state machine which contains the logic for requesting menu responses, playing audio clips, selecting a live agent and more. The Design Studio uses a highly interactive drag and drop interface to let the author define this logic by simple manipulation of building blocks (actions). In addition to creating and controlling this interface, JavaScript code also performs the transformation of the resulting DOM hierarchy into a set of connected state elements for consumption by the Call Manager.
8/2006 - 7/2009
Artizen (contract position)
San Jose, CA
Interface Developer
Member of the Interface Development team for Cisco Systems. Creating Ajax-driven Web UI components using jQuery, JSON and other technologies. Developed the JavaScript for cisco.com search, Cisco Support Product Selector, and Cisco Collaborative Spaces. Provided guidance on usability and accessibility.
10/2005 - 8/2006
Agile Software
San Jose, CA
User Interface Designer
Part of a core team of user experience designers and developers involved in the creation of new user interface components and interactions for program management applications. Extensive use of DHTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ajax.
11/2001 - 10/2005
Santa Clara, CA
Senior User Experience Architect
Designed and developed user-centered internal and external Web applications in the real estate and apartment locating industry. Created a unique single-screen interface for apartment searching. Tools include JavaScript, DHTML, XML, XSL, Ajax, Perl and MySQL.
3/1995 - 11/2001
The Web Academy
Cupertino, CA
Director / Developer / Trainer
Founded this highly successful training provider for corporate and independent Web developers. Created all course content and taught all classes. Subjects include HTML, cascading style sheets, usability, CGI scripting, graphics, server setup, search engine placement and optimization, JavaScript, XML and XSL. Trained developers from hundreds of companies in forty-seven states and nineteen countries.
5/1993 - 3/1996
Cupertino, CA
Information Design Engineer
Investigated and evaluated the potential role the Web could play in delivering technical information to HP's customers and field support organizations. Learned HTML, CGI, graphics and server configuration.
1/1993 - 6/2003
National University
San Jose, CA
Adjunct Faculty
Taught over one hundred one-month courses in the graduate and undergraduate computer science and electronic commerce programs. Courses of interest include Web Design, Web Graphics, Web Applications, Compilers and Interpreters, C Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures, Operating Systems and Expert Systems. Developed the initial proposal for National's MS degree program in Electronic Commerce.
MS in Computer Science
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, NM
New Mexico State's program was one of the first to emphasize human-computer interaction and usability. Master's Project consisted of a programming environment and interpreter for a structured version of the APL programming language.
BS in Aerospace Engineering
Polytechnic University
Brooklyn, NY
U.S. Citizen. Married, one child.
This resumé is accessible online at http://www.yourjavascriptguy.com/resume.html.
LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/webacad